Safeguarding the Security of Your Information

Managing information securely is a fundamental aspect of Therefore™ software. Therefore™ helps ensure that sensitive information is only available to authorized users and that all information is securely backed up. Therefore™ is regularly subjected to penetration testing, and its architecture aligns with industry accepted security standards.

uniFLOW 2018

uniFLOW 2018 is an award winning1 on-premises single platform print management solution that helps to bring organizations secure document workflow in many different areas:

  • User authentication and authorization
  • Secure Pull Printing
  • Encrypted data while on the uniFLOW server
  • Data in transit is encrypted and compressed
  • Tracking and auditing
  • Keyword Intercept
  • Secure mobile printing

Authentication & Authorization Control

uniFLOW requires users to identify themselves at the printing device. uniFLOW provides several ways to login to the server at an MFP using a PIN code, Password, PIN code and Password, Proximity Card, Image and Password. Administrators can create user profiles that lets them control and authorize the features and functionality of the printing device through an Access Control List (ACL). It also provides integration with the organization’s Active Directory or LDAP.

Secure Pull Printing

uniFLOW Secure Printing enables users to print to a unique secure print queue for each user, seeing only their own jobs after authenticating. In addition to reducing waste and print costs, it helps to avoid unwanted print jobs lying about in printer trays.

Data Encryption in Transit and at Rest

uniFLOW can be configured to distribute print jobs via SSL 128 bit encrypted data streams, additionally, job data is encrypted while at rest on the uniFLOW print server and both print and scan data is encrypted and compressed to help maximize network throughput.

Tracking and Auditing

uniFLOW gives administrators and IT personnel full centralized management of devices and users. All print/scan/copy/fax activity is tracked and reported in real-time. uniFLOW companion, imageWARE Secure Audit Manager (SAM) Express can be added for additional output security. iW SAM Express can provide notifications to administrators when a user attempts to print or scan a restricted document. Keywords such as: Top Secret or Confidential, etc. can be programed to trigger the alerts and iW SAM can even be programmed to prevent the print or scan from processing on the device as the ultimate deterrent.

imageWARE SAM Express archives the offending document storing both the document data and image for auditing purposes. This is a tremendous benefit for organizations in regulated industries who can be subjected to periodic security compliance audits.

Secure Mobile Printing

uniFLOW‘s single platform technology includes secure mobile printing for users via a few different methods:

  • uniFLOW App
  • Email
  • AirPrint

For direct Peer-to-peer printing from the uniFLOW app or Apple AirPrint, users simply send their jobs to the device login and collect their prints. Guest and contractors can print utilizing email where a 4 digit PIN is delivered to the user for entry at the device to release their print job.

1Buyers Laboratory (BLI) 2017 Pick Award


uniFLOW - Secure Printing




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