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Secure Information Management

If you're like most businesses today, the need for sharing and collaborating with multiple stakeholders is ever growing.

The challenge can be employing a high level of governance to ensure the integrity the information being shared.

Data Protection for a World Without Perimeters

Now more than ever, the need for distance collaboration is necessary. But the more collaborative your company becomes, the harder it is to control valuable information. When critical information travels outside your domain the ability to protect it is no less paramount.

With Enterprise Digital Rights Management (EDRM) solutions you can maintain visibility and control of your files no matter how far they’ve traveled. With the ability to track, audit, and manage the policies securing the them in real time.

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Work from Anywhere with Easy Access to Your Critical Data

Digital transformation initiatives don't have to be disrupted due to a remote working environment either. Cloud-based document management and processing solutions can provide centralized control and access from anywhere, at any time.

Cloud enabled HQ and remote workers to access, print and edit documents from anywhere with smartphones, tablets, web browsers, and Windows® PCs.

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Explore Our Secure Information Management Solutions

A customer communication and marketing campaign solution designed to make engaging with your customers both existing and new, easy and hassle free.

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Enterprise digital rights management (EDRM) platform structured to enable businesses of all sizes to protect any kind of data.

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With powerful digital workflows, e-forms, document management and analytics, employees can get more work done faster.

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